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monday 3pm rebroadcast tuesday 9am CET

monday 3pm rebroadcast tuesday 9am CET

Smootch is the alter ego of Danny Visser,

In the last couple of years smootch has developed some great dj skills witch he loves to perform with vinyl
Also he has been playing around with producing music and just creating what he felt at that moment in time, and that brings
a wide range of nice music, he does not like to play one genre of music and loves to play different styles like deep / tech-house and techno or house music and funky chicago house.

He wants the people to just enjoy music and have a good time.
smootch has done lots of performances around the world including the US and has done lots of guest spots on radio stations and shows.
so if you like good music and just want to have fun with it, than you’re at the right adres with Smootch

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