Beats2dance Radio likes to play new sound from all kind of sounds


Do you have a demo and you want it to be played on the radio

Send it in good quality,  MP3 – 320kbps !!

Make sure the titel and artist name are fill in !!

For mac users:

  1. Open iTunes and find the track and select it
  2. Click on the track name and select Get Info.
  3. On the Info tab, type in track name, artist name

For windows users:

  1. Find the track and select it
  2. Click right on the track and select properties.
  3. Click on details, type in track name, and collaborating artist name

Or use another program to make it work !!

Send it over with

by using this email: [email protected]

Best regards

Beats2dance Radio


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Are you the one who volunteer and want to work for the radio
Then sign up, because we can certainly use you
Send an email with your info and we will contact you as soon as possible!!

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    Do you want to become the new resident and get your own hour on the radio …

    Send us a link where we can listen to your sound

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