Heijnis WTF

Heijnis WTF

Heijnis WTF

Heijns WTF!!

Started purchasing a large amount of vinyl in the late 1980s. The sky was the limit.

Eventually I bought my first two turntables/mixing consoles (without pitch control) and from that point of view.

I continued my steps and expanded everything bit by bit, soon found my preference for the taste of clubhouse and made the combinations my own.

Think of the music flow that could be heard in clubs such as the iT and the Roxy Amsterdam.

In the late 90s until 2003 I played as a resident DJ in a nightclub in Haarlem and then continued my route.

Various clubs played on Fridays and Saturdays and in the years 2016 to 2018 they were affiliated with the radio station JammFM in Ouderkerk ad Amstel.

There mainly funky house played on Friday nights combined with a fantastic team of DJs.

After a period of more than three years in calm waters, the club house is now bubbling to the highest level and I am open to a new challenge!!

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