DJ Jeremy P

DJ Jeremy P

I am a DJ/Promoter/Beginner Producer from Chicago, IL USA. I started DJing House & EuroDance in 1996 & Quickly matured my way into Trance & Progressive House.

I started DJing at House Parties & Afterhours then started working for an extremely popular Record Store called Another Level here in Chicago. They were also one of the top promoters in Chicago at the time so I quickly started getting booked for events and club gigs. I eventually became part owner of the record store & did some side work with other promoters & clubs getting Big Name Artists booked in Chicago.

Trance music has always been my passion and that is what I listen to 18 hours a day. I am one of the Admins for the Chicago Trance Family Group on FB Which is why I can use alot of our local DJs for Guest Mixes & Take a Time Slot that is later in the day in the Netherlands & UK because it would be much earlier here. That’s one of my concepts for a show if I did the Chicago Trance Family Radio Show would be to do a 2 hour weekly show with guests not just from Chicago but also Trance Dj’s that may be playing in Chicago around that week.

I have built up a large amount of relationships with Trance DJ’s over the last 20 years so Guests will not be hard to find with the CTF Radio Format or The Digital Delinquency Radio Show Format which would just be a 2 hour weekly Trance show with myself & guests.

Please feel free to visit our Chicago Trance Family Group at as we have over 5000 members.

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