Datura (USA)

Datura (USA)

Datura (USA)

My motivation is simple and always has been this way…I seek out the best Artists and Labels in the Genre I play.

I’ve been a DJ and Event promoter for over twenty years in the Electronic Music scene. I started my DJ career in 1988. I became a record buyer for Danceteria DJ store in 1996. I’ve been resident DJ in over twenty clubs in South Florida, many in which I started, My longest running night was 8 years at RSC in West Palm Beach Florida.

I’ve also had my own radio program on 96.9 SeeBreeze FM in WPB with a weekly DJ Show. I have also been featured on 103.1 FM The Electronic Buzz in South Florida spinning live on the air. I’m no stranger to the scene and I know good music and talent. My only motivation has always been to present this music in a way that tells a story and evokes an emotional response somehow in your core.

I do this through also feeling what emotion the artist is trying to invoke. Obviously this does not happen with every producer. Some have the Magik and some don’t. I try to weave that Spell through my music. Listen to any of my mixes and you’ll see what I mean. I just don’t play “tracks”…. My energy is Love and Light is my vehicle….I also use Soundwaves : )

I think I would be an asset to your team, for spreading this beautiful music throughout the world and Beyond!



Love and Light,

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