Biggest DJ (NL)

Biggest DJ (NL)

Biggest DJ (NL)

Biggest DJ 2nd friday with BiggestTranceTracks

Real name is Nico Groot (2.03mtr)  That’s why it’s Biggest DJ  , born in 1966 and discovered trance early 2000.

Started just as a visitor to several trance parties but after a while a good friend told me about being a dj himself,

he made me enthusiastic about making your own sets.

First I got a small pioneer controller but not much later I bought myself the real deal,

and now i have my own gear like 2x Pioneer CDJ-2000 nexus and a Pioneer DJM-900 nexus mixer.

DJ/producers who i like to see play are several like, Menno de Jong, Steve Allen,

Factor B and Chris Metcalfe, i prefer the uplifting/vocal trance that gives me goosebumps all over.

Played at several beachparties last few years at Quest4Trance

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