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Article especially for party organizations and artists:

We are currently living in an unreal and uncertain time. Our industry is hit hard by the corona virus and all its consequences. It is unclear what the further course of the virus and the measures will be.

That is why it is important to stay in touch with the target group of your brand / concept. A good option for this is to organize live streams.

New platform

We expect the supply of these streams to grow enormously. In fact, there is a good chance that there will be so much supply in no time that it will be difficult for those interested to oversee everything. That is why we created the group Beats2dance TV on Facebook.

Virtual event:

Create a post from the relevant Facebook page in which you make clear that it concerns a stream, when it is, and what your fans can expect.

Have you already planned a virtual event or are you planning to organize a live stream soon? And do you want to broadcast it on Beats2dance TV …. without rights shit on facebook or youtube ….. please send an email with the request to


We will use all our media channels to get Beats2dance TV as soon as possible to as many organizations, artists and of course the dance enthusiasts as possible.

A perfect stream in 6 steps:

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