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Sign Up DJ’s

Welcome on Beats2dance Radio Sign up DJ’s page.

Here you’ll find all the info you need to know.

Every week we receive many messages from DJs around the world that want to be in our team but not all are complete so its our duty to make a full page with what we request so next time everyone will send the correct data.

You want a show on our radio station!!

We only accept radioshows with presentation or jingle announcement and closing, we at B2D radio want to improve our own even more than we already are!!

The lenght of the show must be 60min long, how periodic will be, and wich genre your sound is.

So, let’s review: full name, nickname, links, something about you (biografic) best picture 1600×700 and your ideas about the show

Wich system are your work with ?? WINDOW or MAC ?? That’s all!

Fill in the form down below !!

After that one of our admins will read it and will answer as soon as possible, and send you the rules!!

Good Luck!