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Presented by Strato Float

Hello my name is Dan Seagan aka Strato Float[Zarax](Climactic Records Uk).

Started musical career by playing piano 7 years (since i was 7), the first introduction with electronic music i has in early 90 when i was listening 2 Unlimited Orbital U96 and Underworld… the first Trance introduction i has in 1995.

When i was hearing  2 japanese labels VA compilations: Koyote and Matsuri, then i became more informed about Trance styles (like Goa and Psy ) by hearing Flying Rhino Dragonfly and many more another VA compilations.

In 1998 started my creative way by techno-genre compositions.Than i became more and more  experienced learning better and better sound production.So i has my first serious compositions(goa tech-trance and psy -trance genres). I have released 1 album /1 Ep /1 tech – trance track/+1 chil – ambient track.

Today i am work  with my new project calls Zarax (wich should be very promised!)  Zarax is Powerful stylish project wich is based on new  psy techno sounds elements, giving you nice  massive fly during these played sounds.

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