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Silk & Fuss

The Tech House DJ duo existing of Sem Dieke and Damon van der Waal you might know them from the track ‘Keep On Lovin’, the podcast DaSa Dance Radio, their event called STAAL or from the dope gigs these boys did already. Their music is featured as groovy, pure and melodic. Sem and Damon are busy creating their own kind of brand. Enough reasons to make sure you keep an eye on Silk & Fuss.

From early on the two friends from Alkmaar started playing music. They both were eleven when they made mixtapes with their just bought DJ controller. Their interests in music production came when discovering the DAW FL Studio.

After a lot of practicing the first tracks were made and the DJ/Producer duo was born. The new DJ/Producer collective was called Silk & Fuss. Meanwhile the boys are working together more seriously and they just released their first official track ‘Keep On Lovin’. They also received more requests for gigs. What started with playing on the birthday parties of friends, became playing in clubs and on festivals, among which Woodlands Festival and SLAM! Koningsdag 2017 (in a lineup with Tinie Tempah and Nicky Romero etc.).

Silk & Fuss was the first act from their city who played on the famous SLAM! Koningsdag (the biggest Kingsday festival) in Alkmaar. Their podcast called DaSa Dance Radio, started as a simple weekend mix. This radio show is gaining more and more listeners and is also broadcasted on seven radiostations, (in Holland, England and the US).

All the jingles and even the intro and outro of the podcast are made by Silk & Fuss. The boys also made the SLAM! Mixtape in August 2017. Sem and Damon are developing themselves each day and their own sound is starting to get shape. The productions made by Silk & Fuss are recommended by Daddy’s Groove (a world-famous Italian DJ collective, know from the hit ‘Stellar’), Delivio (a Dutch (ghost)producer cooperating with Chris Brown) and Cimo Fränkel (know from the hit ’Strong Ones’ together with Armin van Buuren).

The main goal for the boys is to turn their hobby into their job and of course just to make people happy with their sound. Producing and DJing is the thing the boys love to do the most. Besides all this Sem and Damon started their own event agency called DaSa Events for the bunch of parties they are about to launch. Other interesting projects like for example Silk & Fuss merchandise is also on it’s way. From 2017 onwards the boys are working full-time on realizing their dream. Sem is enrolled at Npac (Dutch pop music academy) and Damon started this school year at PACT+ (another music producer study). There is progression every week and there’s no reason for not checking out these guys. Make sure you stay tuned.

‘’You’ll see us more often.’’ – Silk & Fuss

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