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Presented by Semra Çelik

Semra Celik was born in Pleven, Bulgaria on April 20, 1978.

She emigrated to Turkey with her family in 1989, where her DJing career started in 1996. Her journey began in two local radio stations at Edirne. By the year 2000, she was playing at Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir and London, at popular. She, also, performed at Sundance Nature Village (Antalya) and Istanbul Raffles Hotel regularly.

She took place at Antalya PsyBoutique festival as a DJ. She combines House, Techno, Tech House, Techno Ethereal musical genres that has obtained a loyal audience of Celik. Celik is also a photographer and stylist.

Celik’s festical performances didn’t stop at PstBoutiqu festival. She, also, played at Nomad Electronics Festival and Juggling Festival that were hosted by Sundance Nature Village. Her performances at festivals and Istanbul’s popular clubs attracted the attention of Berlinist record company.

She was incorporated in a formation with Buğra Bilecen, Berker Kurcan, Kerem Tekinalp in 2015.

In a rapidly changing world and society that consumes music quickly, Semra Celik has a goal of leaving a mark behind.
Thanks to her love of art and life, she became a part of great projects signed by Berlinist including Electropol, Ibiza World Çeşme, Ten Walls Equalized Tour and worked with spectacular DJs and producers. As a result, particularly in the last three years, Celik’s name was announced more often than ever.

Semra Celik took a step further with her DJing days and moved to London as of 2017…

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