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TECHNO BOX - Presented by Lola Kay


Lola Kay is a Barcelona based Dj, producer, radio presenter, dancer and choreographer.

Passionate about music from the very early age (” I remember throwing my first home parties at the age 10…”), her music tastes varies from the most happy disco to the darkest acid techno.

Being relatively fresh on the scene she already has proven her skills behind the decks with curated cross-genre sets.

Her signature sound is inspired by Chicago House, Detroit Techno, UK Rave Scene and uncompromised attitude of New York’s underground culture. Being also a dancer and choreographer, she knows her music from both sides: Dj booth and dance floor. Highly energetic, fun, percussive, full of acid sounds, vocals, her sets seemlessly travel in-between house, techno and disco.

Unstoppable energy and ability to instantly connect with the room established her as a beloved regular and crowd favorite in emblematic Barcelona’s venues City Hall and Metro Disco.

Weekly show MUSIC BOX FM at Barcelona City Fm was the next big step in her career, making Friday 8-9pm slot at 107.3fm new quality electronic music Podcast.

A skilled Dj, producer and presenter, her goal is simple – to deliver, to excite, to inspire.
” I want to make people feel love, excitement, inspiration, tears of joy – all that just with the music , with the right tune at the right time for the right people. “

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