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Deep Techno Connection

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Presented by Karel van Vliet & Mindflash

Deep Techno Connection

Mindflash and Karel van Vliet got in touch in 2017 on the music platform Mixcloud. There both quickly discovered that they both cherish a great love of techno and that they also like the same style of techno. What started out with sharing new tracks was soon to promote each other on mixcloud.

And when Karel introduced mindflash on Beats2dance Radio, the collaboration soon went on to give each other tips about each other’s productions. When an hour was released on Beats2dance Radio, the idea soon came to make B2B mixes together.

The plan was presented to Beats2dance Radio and they where immediately enthusiastic and done so. Mindflash and Karel van Vliet take you into deeper techno to the Harder melodic techno genre. You can hear new tracks as well as classics here.

Mindflash and Karel van Vliet guarantee high-quality mixing and that is their goal. Taking people in the flow of the mix and giving them a delicious techno hour.

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