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Giuseppe Sinatra, aka Joseph Sinatra, was born in Brussels (Belgium) on 19/01/1977 and lives in Catania (CT) Sicily, begins his career as a deejay collaborating with some local radio broadcasters, he soon stands out among the colleagues already present in the area and manages to establish itself in the most important and prestigious Sicilian Clubs thanks also to its proverbial charge of energy and its charisma.
The sensitivity that characterizes it is evident in its ability to choose the right mood at the right time: the refinement in the most suitable musical choice thus creates an atmosphere each time different is powerful and never affected.

House music is the leitmotif of his evenings based on music where something absolutely familiar creates atmospheres of yesteryear and ironic recalling past, present and future: all gathered for a unique event of its kind.
He becomes Resident Dj in the “Singapore Club” and “Shangrilà Disco Club”, then Resident Dj of the “Time to Move” of Treviso, “The Block” of Padua, “Red Club” of Bologna, “Romeo’s” of Verona. In 2013 he decided to move to Catania and work exclusively for the CG MANAGEMENT EVENT, playing in the best Etnei Clubs … Vita ‘(CT) Officine 83 (CT) Afrobar (CT) Afrowinter (CT) Le Capannine (CT) Stone Club (CT) At the riding school (CT) Super cinema (CT) Hangar 22 (CT) Discus (CT) Oasis Beach (CT) Dark Whinecokteilbar (CT) And many others….

The search for new sounds, the determination and the professionalism soon started him to the career of Dj Producer and thus begins the “second” career as a Dj Producer & Remixer. Meanwhile, his growth path in the musical world leads him to collaborate with various national and international producers which: Vincenzo Callea (From, Luca Lento (From Earphones), Rosario Gueli (From London), Eteban Galo (From White25 Vucciria), Stefano Mattara (From Move Rec) Andrea T. Mendoza (From Billionaire), Black Hawk (From Radio Ibiza), Manyus (From Ego Music) Raf Marchesini, Stefano Lanfranchi (From Saifam Group), Simone Farina (From Saifam Group) Santino Colangelo (From Loco Tribal), Salvino Alonge (From Loco Tribal), (Marco di Stefano (From Loco Tribal), Loco Tribal (From Bang Rec) Ariano Kina (Stolkin Records is Killertrax and others …

In 2009 the first album “2Soneome – Love me” was released with the following (Lanfrachi and Marchesini – Billion Dollars Dogs – Esteban Galo – Joseph Sinatra – Fast Dj – Rosario Gueli) It comes out on White25 / Ego Music label produced by Joseph Sinatra, Vincenzo Callea, Luca Lento with the beautiful Vocals Cassandra Raffaele. “2Someone – Love me” is broadcast in Italy, France, Germany, Gracia, Spain, and licensed on many foreign labels.
“Love Me” in Italy wins the 5th place of the Radio 105 mix discomania and the 7th in the Dance Directory on Italia Club Chart… In 2010 the follow-up of the “2Someone – Star Unkind” project was released on the White25 / Diy label. The single includes the Remixes of Lanfranchi & Farina – Joseph Sinatra – Esban Galo & Manyus, Star Unkind is always produced by Joseph Sinatra, Vincenzo Callea, Luca Lento Vocals Cassandra Raffaele.

“Star Unkid” obtains excellent radio results both in Italy and abroad, so much so that it won 1st place in Radio Ibiza’s Ibiza Dance 20. Welove90 – Red Alert (White25) With an exceptional Remix package … Dks. Vincenzo Callea – Luca
Lento – Schwartz And The Clubbers’ Team and Joseph Sinatra. Joseph Sinatra’s Remix is supported by many world DJs … International Support by Andi Durrant (Space Ibiza), Paul PH Factor (Energy FM), Andy Norman (Ministry of Sound Radio), Sarah Main (Pacha Ibiza), Warren Clarke, StoneBridge, Flash Brothers … and many more

Joseph Sinatra continues his career as a DJ producer with many other singles … “Joseph Sinatra feat. Kassandra – Dance in the Floor “(Move Rec / Time Rec) Joseph Sinatra Vs Ariano Kina ‘- My Self “(Red House) “Joseph Sinatra feat Kledia Vs Fresko – The Moon” (Stolking Records / Shevaarecords) “Joseph Sinatra feat. Sara Smith – Wanna be “(Stolking Records) “Joseph Sinatra feat. Sara Smith – Call me “(Saifam) “Joseph Sinatra feat. Sara Smith – I’m a DJ “(Net’swork Records) “Joseph Sinatra Vs Matteo Petrone feat. Majuri – Heaven “(Dance and Love) And many others…

After many important productions and collaborations, Joseph Sinatra comes out with a new single featuring an international featuring, entitled “Change Now” sung by the splendid voice of ADAM CLAY, The Voice Of Babylonia “Born Again”, Beautiful Life, Be Together, Be Myself, Music and Better Day.
Change Now, has been for 5 months, in the Italian dj Charts, of the most danced records in the clubs of Europe, it is
supported by djs, who represent the international panorama: Serdar Ayyildiz, Astrit Kurtaim, Mattew Brown, Ramy
Blazin, Mustafa Basal, Andi Durrant (Space Ibiza), Paul PH Factor (Energy FM), Andy Norman (Ministry of Sound
Radio), Sarah Main (Pacha Ibiza), Warren Clarke, StoneBridge (Ultra Records), Flash Brothers.

Joseph Sinatra comes out with another project called DJ SINATRA feat. Adam Clay entitled “Bit by bit” which makes
use of the collaboration of Adam Clay the Voice of Babylonia, Beautiful life and many other successes … Bit by bit
was rotated for 3 months by FUN RADIO the No. 1 radio in France, and supported by (Mico – Adrien Toma – Jay Style)
on the Party Fun program… throughout the summer of 2012, his career continues over the years Realizing Bottleg
Remake and remix….

After many productions Remix and Boottleg broadcast by many djs and radios, Joseph Sinatra continues his career as
a dj producer and over time he dedicates himself a lot to Radio, where for some time it has been his passion to have
his own personal Radio and on March 15th 2020 “JOSIN RADIO” was born at the time of the quarantine where he
created his own format entitled “Dance in the World” which is broadcast weekly on many radios on the world scene.


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