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Presented by Coco Fay

Djane Coco Fay has established herself as one of the most loved and famous female DJ’s in Germany. She has represented great sets and top performances around Europe for over 10 years, while releasing music on labels such as Kontor Records, 120 dB Records, Wormland Music and Decadent Music. Coco Fay has represented the ‘Farbgefühle (Color Festival)’ as a resident tour DJ in 2014/2015 as well as producing the festivals official anthem ‘When I See You’ together with Brockman released on 120 dB Records, which saw remixes from the likes of Takedown, Andree Wischnewski & BK Duke. She has worked with a spectrum of different artists within the electro house / progressive house scene, such as Brockman & Basti M aka Thias, Eric Chase, DBN, Muzzaik and many more. Coco Fay has also supported Pioneer DJ from 2008 – 2014 as a representative at trade fairs and shows. Her technical expertise in music production has continually grown throughout the years, along with her solid reputation within the music scene. Stay tuned for all of her exciting upcoming projects and remixes by following her on social media.

Coco Fay aka Anja Fritzsche, born in Leipzig, grew up in contemplative Bavaria in the Upper Palatinate. After escaping from eastern Germany, she landed after some back and forth in a small town near Amberg. Music and art have always accompanied the now aristocrat through her childhood and youth. At a young age, electronic music was a magnet for her, pulling her to all sorts of parties throughout the night. At the age of 16 she already started her first attempts at playing with turntables on After Hours and fabricated the first mixtapes for her friends. By her ear, she taught herself to play songs on the piano at this time. Until then, as a pure hobby, it should take a few more years until this little hobby became a job and their life’s fun. She started in a small club in Cham, today the Mia Club, regularly in clubs and at parties, and grew from there to all corners of Germany and some European countries such as Spain, Austria, Switzerland Poland and more. Her love of house music drove her on to produce her first own singles and record live bootlegs, remixes with turntables and CDJs, as well as making and performing. Mixing the fascination of beats and vocals of different tracks and using them as an instrument continues to this day in your performance. So it came as no surprise that in 2011 she completely fell into the music production and gradually devoted herself to pure producing. Late in her career, she took piano lessons again for years and was capable of producing, composing and writing for many years. Her technical know-how continued to develop, with the ambition to reach an even higher level. So some people around her helped her from time to time on her way to a basement near Cologne, where she completely secluded herself from the world for a while, friendly producers, DJs, composers, songwriters, studio owners and friends and many good souls with good ones words. What began as a bumpy road through a hobby and a feeling deep in her heart, culminated in a passionate way of life to make music professionally and to hang up. She successfully played up to 120 shows over 10 years, relied on influential labels and produced nearly 40 tracks and remixes over that time. 2018 is a year when it is finally back in the public and with new music, its own series of events and fresh



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