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“Interview with Silvio Carrano”

Written by on February 2, 2020

When did you start spinning, and where?

I’m 37 years old, and have been in the music business for the last 23 years. The evolution of my career is divided into 3 points: 1996 – my first gig in a club, 2005 – the release of my first record, and 2015 – when I decided to dedicate day & night to my label Total Freedom Recordings. During these 23 years I’ve shared the stage with some of the world’s leading DJs such as Hardwell, Martin Garrix, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Steve Aoki, Nicky Romero, Bob Sinclar and many others but back in the days my “first time” in a small club of my city Taranto was so special.

How do you see the year 2020 in front of you? What do you hope for? And why do you hope for that?

2020 has started with lots of stimulating news and I’m really excited. Usually I divide my life into two parts: Total Freedom Recordings label affairs & producer’s creative moments. For the label management I’m lucky to be helped by a very strong team that works in the background. I want to say thank you to Antonio Moscaretti, our publisher & founder of the society Invidia, as well as Angelo Bollivo, our product manager. 

Our plans are to continue to deliver quality club music. House music for many years has regressed, remaining firm on itself and on the classics proposed in any sauce but through our four sublabes from funky to melodic & progressive we stimulate our artists to be creative, we’re always ready to support fresh ideas.

Do you produce … which tracks … … and are you currently working on tracks?

My focus at the momentis the project “Milk Bar” that i share with Marcello “Marcel” Lepore. We are old friends and we have the same musical taste. Milk Bar is a project that was born in 2019 that links old and new school; house music is the glue. In the richness of the nuances of this genre and in the infinite possibilities that technology offers us, our goal is to find new stories to tell, without being satisfied with those already written. Our characters are complementary, like our skills.

We have many ideas, and we develop them at the same time. We each work on different things. When there’s something strong coming out we finish them together. We live in different cities, so technology is a big help to us. Marcel and I had great success over the past few years in our solo careers, but since we’ve teamed up, something magical is happening. Being two experienced producers allow us to be fast and share the work. We’ll continue to push the Milk Bar project with many collabs & remixes scheduled for the next months.

Also, a single as Silvio Carrano & Marcel is starting to walk the first steps of promotion now and will be released in March or April. I can say that it is really catchy thanks to the vocals of the talented USA based singer Vince Tomas, and I’m sure you will love it!

And with which labels did you release the tracks?

I’ve worked my many internationally renowned labels, but in this moment i prefer to release my tracks on my own label Total Freedom Recordings cause i think that does a better work than 70% of the other labels.

Lately DJs who are struggling with “DJ life” have recently been discussed. How do you keep the balance between career and “private”? What works well for you and why?

Dj is like an actor, goes in front of the people and plays a role. I’m a dj cause i love music and i love to create special vibes with the crowd, but when i get off the stage i’m just Silvio. I’m not slave to my character. I maintain relationships with my old friends and spend a lot of my free time with my family, this always helps me to stay true to myself. I am a genuine person, I don’t care about fame.

And finally: Is there anything else you hope to achieve in the coming years? Or can you already name something that you are proud of?

Since 3 weeks a track produced on my own label is Beatport House #1 and Beatport Overall Top 10. I’m talking about Milk Bar & Santarini ft. Antonio Contino – “Manhattan”. It makes me feel euphoric, but not for the achievement.

It means that the market is free, and thanks to the internet, people choose what to listen to. If a song is really good, it can become a success even if it’s released by an independent label. Antonio Contino and I are from the same region, he’s a very talented saxophonist.

We recorded this track many years ago, but I had no idea how to arrange it. One day, I opened the project out of curiosity and the arranger pointer randomly positioned itself on that riff. I asked Marcel his opinion and once I had his “yes,” we proposed it to Santarini, an artist who’s growing rapidly, to make this the follow-up to “Bansuri.”

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